Malou Jacques

Hello, I am Malou Jacques, I am passionate about exploring human behavior to better understand how to live a richer and more fulfilling life. When we understand the inner workings that govern our values and beliefs, we can improve the quality of our lives.

The Culture of Overwork: A Distinctly American Tradition

The concept of workism is the belief that work is not only necessary for economic production but is also the centerpiece of our identity and the purpose of our lives; and that any policy to promote human well-being must always encourage more work.

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How Can We Lead with Compassion and Care while Dealing with Daily Pressures and Stress During a Crisis ?

The more compassionate we are as leaders, the deeper we connect with people and address their daily concerns, the sooner we will set the stage for business recovery and success.

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When the previous (older) version of you no longer resonates with you

The concept of outgrowing old versions of ourselves isn’t new: we grow out of old beliefs as our worldview expands; we grow out of habits or routines that no longer make sense for our lives.

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Parallels Between The Annual Cycle Of Nature And The Moments When Life Knocks Us Down

Mastering life’s challenges starts with revisiting our perception of time. We mistakenly think that our life is linear, but it is in fact cyclical and mirrors the cycle of nature.

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Discover How Persuasion Tactics Influence Human Decision-Making Almost Automatically

Have you ever wondered how persuasion works? How are salespeople, fundraisers, and politicians able to lure us into compliance – without even realizing that we’re being manipulated?

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The Benefits of Physical Activity on Preserving Cognitive Function in the Aging Brain

Preserving cognitive function, especially executive cognitive function, is key to continued independent living for seniors, as it improves mental flexibility, working memory and inhibitory control. These functions rely on neurobiological mechanisms that support the relationship between positive health behaviors and cognitive abilities.

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