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‘Quiet quitting’ is the Latest Buzzword in the Workplace

It means ditching the ‘hustle’ culture mindset. The term ‘Quiet quitting’ is a misnomer; we reframe it as ‘healthy working’ which is about restoring a healthy work-life balance

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How Can We Lead with Compassion and Care while Dealing with Daily Pressures and Stress During a Crisis ?

The more compassionate we are as leaders, the deeper we connect with people and address their daily concerns, the sooner we will set the stage for business recovery and success.

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Building Resilience in a Hostile World: Survival, Adaptability, and Transformability are All Required for Growth.

In an uncertain and ever-changing world, the art of survival is not to resist, but to adapt and transform. Would you agree that change - no matter how painful – can act as a catalyst for continued growth and renewal?

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Neoteny – The Secret to Being a Lifelong Leader

The successful application of a biological concept to leadership practices.

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Is There an Influence of Era on Leadership Values and Behaviors?

A fascinating study that started in 1938 continues to give us insightful information, in particular: “Does the era in which a person lives ultimately influence his or her worldview and overall aspirations?”

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The Power of Personal Leadership – It Starts with You!

Results of a landmark study describing a magical process by which ordinary people of all ages become leaders.

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Self-Actualization – Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

As human beings, we have basic psychological needs for personal growth and development throughout our lives. By achieving self-actualization, we are able to find meaning and purpose in our lives and lead a more fulfilling life. What are six essential characteristics of a self-actualized person?

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