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How to make the transition into the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) easier for everyone?

The development and adoption of AI is profoundly transforming the future of work – not just job quality, but also how work is organized, the nature of the tasks we perform and therefore the skills that we’ll need.

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Key trends that will shape the future of the world of work

How is the world of work changing? What will be the new normal? A snapshot of emerging trends affecting the workforce and the workplace should help us prepare for what’s next.

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Job Search Tips to Leave a Lasting Impression and to Stand Out

A compelling story is the key to a successful job interview. A great story takes the audience on a journey. It has a clear beginning, middle and end. You have one goal: To leave a lasting impression by candidly depicting who you are, what you value, and how these two elements fit into the larger mission of the team or organization.

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Reinspire your Life and Career with a Sabbatical: the Transformative Magic of Sabbaticals

Suddenly your work seems meaningless, you experience job fatigue, or your career is at a standstill; are you ready to quit? Or have you been laid off? Consider the benefits of taking an extended break from work.

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The Power of ‘Weak Ties’– The Value of Social Connectivity in Work and Life

Research supports the notion that casual interactions with strangers or acquaintances improve our sense of well-being in life and provide access to the kinds of connections that are conducive to career advancement.

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There is a Growing Cultural Trend to ‘Retire’ the Concept of Retirement

People are living longer today and realize that their journey has only started after 30 years of life experience. They’re looking for opportunities to grow personally and professionally so they can leave their mark on the world.

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Now More than Ever, be the CEO and Champion of your Career

Historically, people had little need to manage their careers – they were naturally born into a career track or, until recently, relied on their company to chart their career path. But times have changed... Today, we must assume responsibility for managing our future and acquire the skills to manage ourselves and others.

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‘Quiet quitting’ is the Latest Buzzword in the Workplace

It means ditching the ‘hustle’ culture mindset. The term ‘Quiet quitting’ is a misnomer; we reframe it as ‘healthy working’ which is about restoring a healthy work-life balance

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Creating a Work Culture Intentionally Designed to Support an Organization's Purpose and Strategy is a Key Priority when Transitioning to a Hybrid Work Environment

Culture often receives less attention than purpose and strategy, yet it plays a huge role in an organization’s success. Culture happens – whether by design or by default – so why not design it intentionally based on how we want the organization to operate?

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The Merits of Long-term Value Creation for All Stakeholders

It is time for capitalism to keep pace with the evolving needs of society and respond to the new ways of how the world operates. The shift from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism is not only about adjusting the metrics of success, but also about redefining the rules that govern the world.

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How Can We Use The Power Of Our Intuition To Improve The Accuracy, Confidence, And Efficiency Of Our Decision-Making?

Intuition is a "special sense" – an ability to recognize patterns – that, if well developed and cultivated, can be a valuable complement to effective decision-making.

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The Relentless Pursuit of Success – Addiction to Success – Is Source of Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness

For many people, success is addictive, and many will sacrifice their lives and relationships to keep getting hits of success.

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Discover How Persuasion Tactics Influence Human Decision-Making Almost Automatically

Have you ever wondered how persuasion works? How are salespeople, fundraisers, and politicians able to lure us into compliance – without even realizing that we’re being manipulated?

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Six Common Fallacies in Critical Thinking

Every day we are inundated with information; some useful, some worthless or worse, misleading. Being critical allows us to triage the information we receive. Spot the most common fallacious arguments right at the outset of a conversation.

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