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Brexit: Did the UK commit 'economic suicide' by exiting the EU in 2016? Find out how much it has cost the British people!

One of the major events of 2016 was Brexit. This emblematic case illustrates the extent to which far-fetched initiatives led by irresponsible politicians with no long-term vision prove detrimental to a country's economy.

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The historic journey of women's economic emancipation since World War II - by Claudia Goldin, Nobel Prize in Economics 2023

Investigating the gender gap in the labor market, Claudia Goldin demonstrated how technological progress, the expansion of the service sector and rising education levels have led to a growing demand for female labor. Yet societal stigma, legislation and other institutional barriers have limited the effects of these factors, which continue to weigh heavily on the gender gap.

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China is Facing its Worst Economic Crisis since the Cultural Revolution. What does a Weaker China Mean for the Rest of the World?

China and the West grow apart – China launches a strategic shift in its economic relations with the world

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What does the Future look like in a World Moving Toward a Collaborative Economy?

Discover how the growing tensions between two opposing forces – the "old economy" and the "new economy" – will shape society and businesses in the years to come.

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A New World Emerges from the War in Ukraine – the Economic and Geopolitical Stakes

The world prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine belongs to the past.

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The Middle Class is the Lifeblood of a Prosperous Society

The middle class plays a major role in our society: its purchasing power drives global economic growth, contributes to healthy democracies, and keeps the world safer. Yet, globally, we are witnessing a decline in the middle class amid growing economic inequality, increasing corruption, and rising political instability.

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Where is the Global Economy headed?

Inflationary pressures are improving, spiraling costs of living are beginning to ease - and as expected and desirable - the pace of economic growth is slowing.

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With the Current Level of Inflation, are there Signals that a Pernicious Visitor from the ‘70s and early ‘80s is Back?

There is little indication that a future recession is looming. However, skyrocketing demand and supply shortages are stretching the economy to the limit.

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Delayed Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood: an Expected Response to the Economic Conditions at Entry into the Workforce.

When young adults delay reaching adulthood, it does not mean that something has changed about them; but that the economic context in which they grew up has changed.

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