American Culture

Showcasing some of the most intriguing and fascinating facets of American culture.

What a Growing Moral Vacuum Means for American Democracy

The breakdown of the moral framework in America has left our country in an inarticulate, self-referential moral vacuum, endangering our democracy.

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‘Tipflation’: How is it changing Tipping Culture in America?

People used to tip based on performance. Now the near ubiquitous use of touch screens at places where you’d never previously thought of tipping applies enormous pressure. You shouldn’t feel guilt or misery and leave a tip for excellent service.

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Barbie, a Timeless Icon of the American Dream?

Launched in 1959, the world's most famous doll - with adult features - embodies the very essence of American culture and the major social and cultural changes that have shaped over half a century of history. More than 60 years after her creation, she continues to capture our imagination.

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Honoring Pioneers of Mental Health – Black History Month

Drs. Mamie and Kenneth Clark, two black scientists, studied the effects of segregation on children. Their landmark ‘Doll Test’ study persuaded the Supreme Court to overturn school segregation in 1954.

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Is it time for the ‘American Dream’ v2.0?

The American Dream evolved to mean different things to different generations and people – though it usually includes some promise of opportunity. It is part of the American ethos and likely always will be.

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How Serious is the Threat to our Democratic System today? What are the Major Challenges? What can be Done?

The current crisis of the democratic system poses a serious risk to the stability of multicultural societies as well as to free market capitalism.

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The Culture of Overwork: A Distinctly American Tradition

The concept of workism is the belief that work is not only necessary for economic production but is also the centerpiece of our identity and the purpose of our lives; and that any policy to promote human well-being must always encourage more work.

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About Free Speech on Social Media!

Freedom of speech has been a recurring topic on the internet and social media platforms lately. What are the objectives pursued by social media? How do they work? This blog attempts to answer the question: "Is online freedom of expression a myth or a reality?”

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Don’t Fall Prey to Validation by Social Media!

Research shows that we are wired to seek social acceptance – Self-awareness and reconnecting with oneself, are the first steps in overcoming the constant need for recognition.

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